We all have those special events that getting a fresh outfit will make everything feel complete. Common practice would be to go out an purchase a new outfit to make you feel special. However these ‘special outfits’ tend to be only worn once; and then forgotten about.

In building a sustainable wardrobe, the pledge is to wear things twice, thrice, thirty times to be considered a sustainable purchase. This is why for a special event of my own, I decided to avoid the shops and window shop through my own closet.

I had a white jumpsuit sitting in my closet waiting for something to bring it to special outfit status. So I grew the idea to create a upcylced harness with whatever I had in my sewing basket.

I started building the harness by using left over trimmings and pulling studs off a jumper.

Then my creativity was stuck.

The slightly different colours had me paused between to much clash; than a good contrast.

I started searching and I finally found a beautiful matte ribbon; which was a shop bag handle!

The matching colour, with some silver sparkle pulled a good

balance down the middle section to complete the harness.

I also used shop bag handles for the neck tie and back tie.

These little pieces of fabric that come on shopping bags have been very useful for my sewing projects.

I pull them off the bags and keep them because the mixed materials of a cardboard bag and ribbon makes the bag un-recycable.

Here is a helpful article by earch911.com  on how to recycle paper bags:

How to Recycle Paper Bags



After making this upcycled harness, I will forever be a hoarder of  cardboard bag ribbons.

With plenty more projects coming, I’d love to know what other ways you can upcycle the ribbons? Stay creative upcyclers.