Christmas is right on our doorsteps, with only 3 weeks to go until the jolly day. To kick your Christmas spirit into drive, here are some sustainable gift ideas to help you think out of the box and escape consumerism chaos.


Plants are a beautiful alternative because they are purely a gift of life. A greenery gift can also start a good addiction for the receiver because having plants in your home, has been proven to boost air quality and mental well-being. Do a little research on the type of plant that would suite different people, from low maintenance, indoors, herbs or fruit.  Plants also reach ultimate sustainable goals because if the plant dies 🙁 it can decompose naturally.  You can even make the gift personalized with a designed birth certificate, labeling the new parents and detailing the level of care needed for their newest plant baby.

tips : Bonsai trees, cacti and succulents are great for low maintenance. Peace lily, Boston fern and Monstera are great for indoors and a hanging strawberry plant or set of herbs would be great for a foodie.


There is always something creative or adventurous your loved one would be interested in, so why not get them a class voucher to try it out. Figure out what interests them and explore the ideas that might be possible for them. There are websites like Groupon where you can find heaps of local deals or a old faithful Google search will help you find businesses around you.  If you want to add something extra to the print out, think of something they might use at the class to attach it with, like a set of new paint brushes or a sports bra.

tips : art enthusiasts – life drawing class or a spin pottery. active addicts – aerial yoga class or rock climbing. Adventurers – sky-diving or hot air balloon ride. foodie – international cooking class or baking class



Everybody loves getting massages and facials but we don’t indulge in them as much as we could. This is another voucher that would be loved by the receiver and also helps support small businesses. Don’t limit this gift to the ladies – because even though a lot of men wouldn’t get a facial, it might be the sneaky indulgent they deserve. Beauticians generally have male packages, which are dedicated for their different skin types.

tips : groupon is a great website to find these on and you can also go all out with the wrapping for this one, sprinkle some glitter or put it in a beautiful box.


You may already have a gift in mind like jewellery, handbag, shoes or tech goods; why not find them secondhand? Businesses like Cash Converters and secondhand shops are filled with loved goods looking for a new home. You can also find them vintage gifts at vintage boutiques or online. This is a big gift idea that also helps reduce an abundance of items becoming 0bselete and thrown away.

tips : if buying designer, always ask for authenticity – for tech goods, ask about warranty’s and research the model you’re buying to make sure there isn’t any known faults with it.

sustainable christmas presents

Simple gift idea of spray painting a jar and adding a cute plant


If you’re gifted, why not gift it? Sew up a storm, paint an interesting painting or cook them up a treat; you could even decorate a pot for the plant. These gifts are always treasured the most when you know that someone has put a lot of time and effort into your gift. Perhaps if you aren’t as creative as you’d like to be, hire someone who is and support a small business over the Christmas period.

tips : explore pinterest DIY, or visit a craft store for some ideas. Instagram is also a great tool to find independent creatives who you can commission for your gift.

We have the power to help society with our gift ideas, whether it be by reducing your waste and giving a plant or supporting a small business. These are small unknown gifts you’re giving which make a huge difference to the community. We can all get a little lost in a Christmas gift brain but try and remember it’s not about the price you’ve paid or the extravagance you’ve gone to, it’s about giving and being thankful.