How to beat the weather during Melbourne’s unpredictable autumn

April 8, 2016

Long sleeves are starting to creep in alongside rainy days. Melbourne’s weather is notorious for dark grey skies blissfully reversing themselves to bright sunny days. When tackling your styling this can break the process of usual dressing.

This week’s Streetegists have chosen to replicate the weather in their chosen outfits. Whether it be blue rain or blue skies, Ariel, Calypso and Rachael have subconsciously matched the horizons. We are all hidden lovers of blue; even if you say your favourite colour is purple or green, guaranteed, if you look in your wardrobe you will see blue has seeped in. The main blue attire would be denim jeans, but the fun thing about denim is it can be used to craft other magnificent outfits. Like a denim jacket, skirt or denim halter dress like Calypso’s. The other good thing about denim is that it’s a fibre that holds warmth. There won’t be a shortage of denim jeans walking around campus in the coming months.

Another fun trick you can do with denim is make it printed! Amelia’s Elliott skirt is a leopard-print midi skirt. Who knew your favourite print could come wrapped up in a cute skirt?

Midis will be your best friend over this transeasonal change. The length will drop to keep you warm and still looking chic. My grey knitted dress is the perfect length matched with a black cropped sweater. Long sleeves are captivating us all as our arms say goodbye to the sunshine. Rachael has used the cooler days to bring out our favourite textured leather jacket. Try mixing your textures; leather contrasted with denim is always a fun experiment to create a new outfit you may not usually try.

Whatever the weather, just know that it’s changing. You will see blue skies or grey skies but it’s always a day you can try and outdo your last outfit. Try and reach a new styling high and really know you rocked it in your denim jeans!


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When cool neutrals make you a triple threat

It’s all about the layering effect as this week’s Streetegists pull off their neutrals with some flair. When it comes to wearing neutral tones, you have to do something extra that takes your outfit from ordinary to extraordinary. We love layering when it’s cool but what if we did it to make more of a statement to our outfits?

Ever heard of two’s company, three’s a crowd? Well fortunately for the fashion world this isn’t the case. If you put on your outfit and it’s just a T-shirt and jeans, ask yourself what could be the third piece to bring this outfit to full circle.

You can see that Streetegists Emma, Marcus, Justin and Jake’s outfits are all made up of three items. If you removed one of their pieces, they would look incomplete. If it isn’t cool enough for a jacket, opt for an accessory like a hat or scarf. Marcus’ outfit is killer with his oversized scarf. A trusty bomber jacket is also a great addition to complete your rule-of-thirds look. As we all know, black is best and works with everything, like Jake’s successfully cool outfit, but for a change try nav, like Justin’s tonal look. Loving the button-up underneath Justin’s bomber too, this adds some class on campus in all the right ways.

It is generally a given to wear your jackets open, but what a difference it can make to an outfit just by zipping it up! See how Evelyn is wearing her faithful leather jacket zipped? It can change the whole look of your outfit and show details of the jacket which may not have been seen if it was open. Opt for wearing something light underneath if you are going for this look so you stay undercooked rather than over!

If you always seem stuck in your neutrals and wonder why your outfit just doesn’t feel like it is going the distance, try the rule-of-thirds game and see what you can use to layer and add. An extra long singlet underneath a button-up, or something as simple as a belt or necktie, can make a stylish difference.


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Streetegists storm Monash in a denim invasion

The No.1 item on every fashionista’s list is denim. Over the years, denim has constantly  surpassed its origins – that enriched blue colour and high-waisted bootleg cut.

Our trusty jeans have been around the sewing room, tested with different heights, lengths, colours and washes. But there is nothing more true than your good old blue.

This week, Streetegists are storming the campus in vintage blue hues.

The first step on your indigo journey is through double denim territory. Filip looks bold in his ensemble. The key to this look is to keep the denim in the same wash. If you start to mix dark and light tones, it will look out of sorts and incomplete.

Denim is a known cherished necessity for keeping warm on cooler days. You can do this either in skinny jeans or a denim jacket, like Abby’s shearling-lined version. This is the perfect blend of textures for keeping you toasty throughout the day.

This is why we love Melbourne. One day, you go from being rugged up in a denim jacket and the next, you’re in some denim cut-offs like Chloe. The tonal blue vibes in Chloe’s outfit also work well, with with her navy tee and washed denim.

Nothing fits together better than a pair of ripped jeans and graphic tee, and Ella has it working perfectly with this navy-based version, with matching tones holding the look together.

If jeans are not for you, and surprisingly not everyone loves to wear it (shocking I know), denim comes in all shapes – like Gemma’s jumpsuit. This piece should be celebrated! Whoever invented the first jumpsuit is forever in our favour. We love the relaxed fit and how it is perfectly balanced with long sleeves and shorts.

So get suited up in the reigning colour of blue and move out of your comfort zone by sourcing different denim outfits.


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Streetegists stay comfy without ditching style

April 29, 2016

Outfit dedication seems to slowly diminish as comfort takes over to get us through the long haul towards the end of first semester.

There is nothing worse than trying to break in a new pair of jeans while listening to tactics on how to achieve a good grade for an essay due soon. Clothing heroes and favourites are welcome as we approach exam block territory.

We all have an effortless pair of slacks like Frank’s or a faithful knitted cardi like Yunyi’s that will always get us through a long day at uni.

You will either find yourself bingeing in the library between tutes, or finding a comfortable spot on the grass to have lunch, all of which the movement and fit of your outfit needs to co-operate with.

We’ve all made the mistake of wearing something new to uni but not being completely comfortable in it just yet. The end of semester is not the time for this. Maximum coziness is needed in dependable outfit choices.

This is where your vintage clothing is your best friend. We all have them, whether it be a friendly bargain found in a thrift shop or a relaxed overshirt that used to belong to your dad, like Daniel’s.

All comfort is grown from a prime piece of clothing you appreciate. The best thing about thrift clothes is that they are often oversized, which makes you feel content and snug in the best of ways. Like Luna’s cream windbreaker, oversized with a great, relaxed fit.

Your key accessory to finalising a comfy look is your specs. Specs have become the ultimate cool necessity, and we should all be happy to live in the world of “four-eyed chic”.

Nothing is sweeter than popping your specs on and going out the door, not having to deal with sticky contacts. Big funky shapes like Yunyi’s and Daniel’s are a cool kid’s essential accessory.

Beanies and hats are also great accessories for the cooler days at uni. Knitted, slouchy, or pompoms, take your pick by looking at Frank’s, Yunyi’s and Daniel’s for some inspiration.

Reminder for all you fashionistas, pleasant comfort is all you need when heading towards the end of semester. Take the easier options but always match it up with an accessory or two to achieve c’est comfy chic.


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Layers, layers, layers for a week of chilly winds

May 6, 2016

There was no escaping the cold windy days this week because winter is most certainly coming. With icy cool mornings and high speed winds in the afternoon, it was time to wrap up in layers. Jackets, layered button-ups, denim and boots were all our favourite items this week.

It was as if a plaid storm hit campus. Everywhere we looked there were checks.

Checks in reds are always highly recognisable, like those we see on Claudia, Braydn and Yuchu. Last year we had the tartan trend overhaul everyone and I think it’s on the rise again this winter. Checks seem to be one piece that all of us have in our closet one way or another.

Layering is simple, but keep in mind the rule of thirds tip we discussed in week six. Three items are always best when you try to style an outfit, especially in the colder months. Gilbert has a killer outfit, with his checked shirt layered underneath a hoodie. He also subtly clashed some prints with his checked shirt and hat. This was a fun way to wear two prints. It’s discreet in an accessory and a garment which brings some edge to your outfit.

Betty also has a variation of prints in her styling. The striped dress underneath her checked coat works well together because the colours are tonal and the prints contrast in size. Contrasts work well when the colours match in tone.

Bags have also been the No.1 accessory this week. I’m sure you are all carrying lots of books for study as we get closer to the end of semester one. Claudia’s and Yuchu’s backpacks were so enjoyable to look at with their large, creamy prints. Accessories are an easy way to add diversity to your outfit with some different patterns and textures.

Winter is only getting closer and I’m afraid layers will have to be incorporated into your outfit. Why not have some fun with it by clashing prints and finding large patterns like this week’s Streetegists?

Remember the more layers you have on, the heavier you will be, and that will be a bonus when those beastly winds sweep campus in the coming weeks!


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#allblackeverything – no colour, no worries

It seems like all the colour has been drawn out of us as we take cover in a wave of black. Our favourite fashionista hashtag is #allblackeverything and Monash Streetegists are representing this trend in their outfits.

All black is always the easiest way to style an outfit. The ensemble works well altogether no matter what texture, length, shape or form each piece comes in.

Jade has us dreaming of a relaxed afternoon in a cool jazz club as she takes all black to a new level with her ebony bowler hat and lace layering.

Aysha has also done some chic contrasting with different textures with her lambskin coat. The lambskin look creates an outline effect over her deep black outfit.

Cameron has some sneaky red checked lining in his bomber jacket which helps to break up the all-black ensemble.

We are in love with the way Namulun has layered her outfit with black tights underneath her dress. Don’t rule out dresses in cooler weather because there is always something you can layer them with. Opaque tights will be the new comrade to your dress throughout winter.

Black is extra fun when you get some creative textures through the fabric like Qi has done with her top. This helps to recreate black looks and expose different elements in the garments. Layering with different textures creates an interesting contrast in your outfit.

So, keep up the black vibes and stay warm as we start to dress to impress for winter.


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Maximum minimal

May 20, 2016

Grey marl has become an icon for the new minimalist style boom. If you’re not wearing grey, black or white, who are you? Fashion blogs and Instagram have all been flooded with the reign of marble décor and tonal outfitting. Our Streetegists haven’t been able to escape the neutral take over as the minimalist aesthetic seeps through Monash campus.

Rachael, Anne, Kira, Marnie and Connor are all wearing neutral tones and one piece of their outfit is grey marl. They have also come in the comfiest form of clothing, knitwear.

Knitwear is one style we can all agree on. Everybody seems to be wearing it on campus this week. This comfy piece of clothing comes in all shapes and designs with the current most popular being a turtleneck.

Knitted turtlenecks are great because they eliminate the need for a scarf and keep you extra cosy. Add some variation to your knitwear with some texture through it, as  Rachael does. This is a nice way to make your outfit a bit more exciting if you’re only wearing a jumper and jeans.

Crew necks are another favourite style, like those worn by Marnie and Connor. They have grey crew neck knits layered over the top of their outfits. Crew necks wear well if you want to layer over things like a button-up shirt or turtleneck. They allow you to pull the detail of your underneath top out and around your neck.

Extra cosiness is the added benefit of wearing a knit like Kira is, with her oversized ribbed cardigan over a printed tee and ripped jeans. This looks really comfy and easy to wear which is exactly what us uni students want.

So, keep warm and stay cosy as we welcome week 12 of semester 1.


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