As many of us love to travel and take heaps of wanderlust adventure pics, there’s one thing that can be overlooked that can ruin your holiday and that’s what you pack in your suitcase. Now I know what you’re thinking, how narcissistic is this chick; But how many of you love your travel pics but hate them because you weren’t happy with your style, or who packed way too much to even decipher a good outfit?

Contrary to what some travel/fashion bloggers have led you to believe, a travelling wardrobe does not need to be the latest designer pieces. It can be an assortment of hand picked thrifted goodness ready to relieve you of outfit stress (and your wallet’s). I’ve put together a few little tricks of the trade to help you organise a wardrobe fit for any backdrop.


The first and foremost key task for you to build the perfect outfit is the colour scheme. If you have a bunch of different colours, this can interfere with your ability to mix and match your items with one another. Have a look in your wardrobe and see what you already want to take with you and decipher a colour scheme from those. If you can see 2-3 colours then build from there. If you go further then 3 you will have too many colours to work with; resulting in packing more in order to match those colours. (think of you luggage allowance here) If your stuck with an idea, a good place to start is denim blues. Jeans and shorts are a go to for easy outfits and packing.  Once you have your colour scheme down, you have the means to accessorise!

2 // SHOES

You will only need 3 types of shoes, I guarantee it: wedges, sandals and runners. Shoes are the heaviest and largest things going into your suit case. Keep to packing these three styles and you will avoid just taking a bag full of shoes! Wedges can be worn day and night so that’s a win and sandals are always your go to for daily wear. Runners need no explanation because I’m sure you are going to need some heavy duty walking shoes. Again, select from your wardrobe what you need and see what you will have to find at the op shops.


Think of the key items you will need: shorts, tops, dresses or pants. What is your climate you are going into and what type of clothing will be needed. Use what you have already chosen from your wardrobe and write a list of the things you will need from the op shop. Write at the top of the list your colour theme and now you’re set to thrift!


Keep your eyes on the prize here and try not to stray from what you need. Yes it’s hard to curb your addiction to a thrifting feast, but have in the back of your mind that the more money you spend there will be less to take overseas. Don’t be afraid to pick something that doesn’t fit the best, small alterations are easily manageable to make something fit you best. Also don’t be afraid to look in mens, kids because sometimes there are hidden gems waiting there for you. There are so many op shops around I’m sure you are bound to find what you’re looking for, just be persistent!


Trying things on before you fly out will allow you to mix and match your outfits. This will help to give you the best ideas on how you can style yourself while your away. It will also help weed out the unmatchables and choose accessories to match your go tos. thrifted outfit

Remember, its not just about the outfit but about the extra time you will have exploring if you wake up ready to go with any given piece in your suitcase. Thrift wisely, pack efficiently and enjoy yourself.