For however far back my memory stretches, I remember loving the world of fashion. I was romanticised by the beautiful dresses I’d see on disney princesses, and it was always my favourite Simpsons episode when Marge or Lisa changed their outfits. I was an avid supporter of Tyra Banks and always cashed in my pocket money for Dolly magazines. However as I’ve gotten older, my relationship swings between loving and loathing.

My dear fashion has been leading treacherous affairs with fast fashion, trends and social media. Trends and fast fashion sadly fuelling blatant lose of identity through pages of ‘minimalist’ social medias and ‘whats hot’ online shops. People looking for gratification over the things they’ve brought and how great their six pack looks underneath it. All forcing me to look away from my long trusting relationship that I have with the big F.

And then she shows me a glimpse of the real reasons why I love her. When I spot people standing up for style of their own, stylish ladies wearing pink and red together, thrifting blogs and my favourite of all, Advanced Style.

Ari Seth Cohen I commend you! You celebrate the women who built fashion to the state it is today. The women who fought to wear mini skirts and suffered from severe tripping over their ridiculously amazing bell bottoms. The women who still choose to look glamorous outside of ‘whats trending’ for them.

I have been lost underneath the sheets of with an overdose of fashion, without even realising that it’s not fashion that I’m drowning in, it’s marketing.

Its hard to stay faithful to the fashionista sister hood when you have advertising staring back at you telling you, “Buy this and you will be chic.”

It use to just be the beautiful adverts you’d see for Dolce & Gabbana that you would rip out and stick on your school books. Now every one is an ad.

“Oh I love this new face mask, its amazing!” #sponser “This watch is so on point!” #sponsermeplease

I get it, I really do. It’s a business. I could only wish that there was more transparency in the advertising you see and what style actually is.

I’m worried for the sake of sharing my beloved relationship with fashion to my daughters and having them look back at me and say, “Um no mum, North West would never wear that.”

I understand this is purely my own fault for getting wrapped up in the world of social media, but who hasn’t?? I just want us to strengthen our own identity again with the clothing that we love and not what we think we should love, because fashion is a powerful medium.

It can pick you up when you’re feeling down by flicking through your favourite magazine, or remembering one of your happiest moments and what outfit was their to hold your hand. Fashion has the ability to mask the uncertainty and build Miss confidence by putting on a LBD and heels. It lets you inspire and create, just by looking at a single piece of couture.

If you’re not feeling like you today, then try a different character on. Be preppy, be hipster be a comfy cat in a onesie, just what ever you do, don’t be ‘whats trending.’