For years I have always wanted to sew and even purchased a sewing machine; which unfortunately was left in its box because I didn’t know how to thread a bobbin! So in my uni holidays I finally decided it was time to teach myself. With the added help of a family friend, I had mastered the talent of bobbin threading and was ready to venture into sewing.

I have a pile of clothing that I have so many ideas for on how to change them. With our summer road trip approaching, I knew I had to alter this red leotard I brought from an Op Shop into a new Baywatch moment beach piece.


diy swimsuit


This red leo was great to wear with shorts a few years back, but as you do, you get a little bored with something in your wardrobe and new fashion trends spike an interest in creating something different.

I was staring at this one piece and I could hear the Queen of Hearts screaming at me, “Off with her sleeves!” Luckily for me, my name wasn’t Alice or Mad Hatter so I could easily chop them off.

I wanted to make this leo a little more funky and something that was on point with current one pieces.

The sleeves would have been great for a 13 year old Gymnast doing back flips and bar work but not for a 23 year old beach goer wanting to minimise tan lines.

Here is a list of steps on how I created my red piece wonder and hopefully they can help you with a DIY for yourself 🙂





diy one piece

diy one piece


I started with an unpick – this tool is my utmost favourite, if I could be best friends with a sewing utensil this would be it, that’s how loyal I am to the unpick!

Its quite simply really, just follow the seam around the sleeves, unpicking the stitching and the sleeve will fall straight off!

(If only it was as quick as cutting off a head and not a good 10 minutes of unpicking, thanks Queen H)





diy one piece


Once the sleeves were off, I wanted to extend the arm hole to be a little more sexy side boob style (current trend, duh).

So again with my trusty BF, I unpicked down the side seam of 8cm.

Now we were ready for the big sewing test.







sewing diy one piece


I folded over the edge of the material around the arm hole and I started with a small zigzag stitch to sew that down.

Then I folded that down again to make another hem in and stitched a straight stitch to strengthen the seam.


Now the sleeves were all in place, I wanted to do something with the extra pieces of material left over from the sleeves to avoid waste. I used them to tie a bow on top of the shoulders for added detail.

And there you have it, a DIY altering job fit for Pammy Anderson!



I knew I had to make the biggest contrast with this one piece, so I wore it to Hyams Beach in Jervis Bay; which is famously known for having the whitest sand in the world! The travel blog will be coming soon but I hope this one will help you on battling a future DIY creation.