Its that time of year again to try and devise our list of new years resolutions. The biggest factor we should try to involve would be to reduce our waste. From recycling more to changing your wardrobe to a more ethical one, there is a list of ways to have an ethical lifestyle.

One that I’m most adamant about is our ethical wardrobes. I amaze myself with all of the amazing clothes I find secondhand. The saying, one mans trash, is another’s treasure couldn’t be more believable when you start ur thrifting journey.

Here is a list of ways to help you along with the new years resolution to make your wardrobe more ethical:

ALTER – start with your wardrobe!

Have a look in your current wardrobe and see what you might not wear as much because there is something slightly off. I’ve done this recently with a black blouse, turning it from a crew neck top to off the shoulder. Find some inspiration on Pinterest by typing in a brief explanation of what you have e.g. ‘black top with sleeves’ so many different varieties will pop up of how you can change it to refresh the piece. You can either get crafty and alter it yourself or there are plenty of alterations dress makers around who would be happy to help you redesign something (which also helps to support small businesses)

RESELL – pass on some items that don’t suite anymore

While your going through your wardrobe looking for things to alter, I’m sure you will come across some items you really don’t need anymore. This is where reducing your waste comes in – some people might just throw them in the bin or take them to secondhand stores (which is still a very good option) but secondhand stores are getting overwhelmed with all of their donations, that some of them never make it to the floor. Try some reselling websites such as Gumtree or eBay  or even set up a swap day with some girlfriends to exchange each others clothes! By trying to sell these items first yourself, you take of a little weight from the secondhand stores and you also know straight away they are being rehomed to someone who loves it and you get a little extra cash!

THRIFT – start op shopping!!

Start the new year right by going op shopping! If you’re looking for a new outfit or just to refresh your wardrobe, look to the op shops to help you out! I’ve always been an avid op shopper but lately I’ve been getting so excited by the pieces I am finding.  If you’re a student, the Salvation Army has student discount on Wednesdays and Savers is Sundays.

30 WAYS – wear more sustainably 

In order for something to be an ethical purchase you have to wear it 3o times! When you’re looking at something whether or not its a secondhand item or something from a shopping centre, have a think if you will wear it 30 ways. This helps to make you reconsider something that will probably just sit in your wardrobe and also to think more fashionable to mixing and matching other things in your wardrobe with this new piece. 


There are now so many new designers striving to be more ethical with their designs. From sourcing fabrics that are made from recycled materials to using organic materials. Jump on to instagram or google ‘ethical designers’ for a list to explore. I’ve also done some interviews and blogs to help you find some ideas like sustainable swimwear. 


Another factor of reducing your waste comes down to washing!! We use so much water just to clean clothes that aren’t even dirty. Did you know that you’re not suppose to wash denim? Here is an article with more info why not to wash –

INSPIRE YOURSELF – follow more blogs for inspiration

There is a great revolution of new thrifty bloggers bringing you inspiration on how to create an ethical wardrobe. My favourites are Never Ever Pay Retail and Op Shop to Runway – these girls are helping to break the stigma of buying secondhand and giving you some amazing inspiration as well!

Good luck for the New Year and all the best to building a more sustainable wardrobe!