With midday sun bathing and balmy afternoon swims soon to be on the daily agenda, our summer uniform needs to be coordinated; with the first items being sustainable swimwear.

Bikinis can be overlooked as a necessity in your sustainable wardrobe (because we often don’t want to thrift for secondhand swimwear) but there is now an intriguing amount of labels emerging that are building their labels upon ethical values.

I first discovered this new way of sustainable creation when I interviewed creator of OzeanZen, Steph Gabriel and have now been on the hunt for more labels with similar concepts.

We all love to be out enjoying a romance with summer, so I’ve done the digging for you with my list of  top five Australian sustainable swimwear labels.


#1 Baiia Swimwear  was created by the director of Ethical Fashion Blogger  who is an avid fashion activist helping to promote the sustainable fashion movement.

The bikinis are created with a RPET (Recycled Polyester) which boast a list of amazing benefits such as 90% less water usage than regular polyester and 90% less carbon footprint than nylon.

It also has the added luxury of transforming your bikini by being reversible and are perfect for the sunbather (we all know you love less tan lines) with a minimalistic design.




#2 She Made Me swimwear are handmade in limited numbers, which is always a more sustainable way of creating by reducing excess.

These designs mix summer and romance with their adorable crotchet bikinis. If Ariel had the chance to jump straight from a tail to a bikini, these would be her choice!

They offer a variety of different colours and styles from a bikini to one-piece!

These are world traveling bikinis suiting Santorini escapades or a dip in the beach at Byron Bay.




#3 Cantik Swimwear is born from strong roots with the designer Catherine Heenan having a degree in Environmental Humanities and Development. 

Cantik oozes confidence with their bold shapes and vintage silhouettes. These bikinis make me want to squat everyday to create the perfect summer booty to wear them.

With simple neutral colouring, you won’t have any hassle matching these to any summer outfits.



sustainable swimwear

#4 Karameleon Australia is an independent and ethical swimwear label taking vintage bikinis to the new extreme!

The cuts on these bikinis are enough to make us all sing along with the beach boys, sipping on a calipo and entice us to watch a Baywatch marathon.

They are so retro its mesmreising, coming from one vintage lover to the other, you can tick all the boxes of a 80’s bikini without the ageing!

sustainable swimwear

#5 In Your Arms is a conscious label using recycled materials and crafting high quality swimwear to last for years.

I love their knitted fabric with its beautiful texture and added benefits of being more resilient to water and fast drying.

Their swimwear makes you want to chase summer and enjoy everyday wrapped up in a bikini being captured by our breath taking beaches.

They ditch the minimalistic vibes in place of eccentric rainbow prints and bright hues in red.



Now its your turn to invent your summer wardrobe with some great sustainable swimwear label’s handpicked for you 😉