The zero waste revolution is a fantastic outcome of individuals taking the pledge to commit to an eco-friendly lifestyle. The movement is starting to gain some real traction for all the right reason, helping to purify our planet and propel ideas about how to live with less waste.

This is something that I have been exploring and recently stumbled across the very helpful Anita Vandyke on her Instagram account @rocket_science. Anita’s Instagram offers plenty of ways you can change your lifestyle, from buying secondhand clothing to taking cotton napkins out with you to use (and reuse).

I was so excited about her passion for zero waste living that I needed to find out more about her tips and tricks for reducing our waste.

Anita informed me on how she established her passion for being a zero waste environmental activist.

My journey began when I first saw the first female aquanaut, Dr Sylvia Earle, speak at the Sydney Opera House. She made me realise that small steps, such as not buying plastic drink bottles, will make a HUGE cumulative difference to our oceans. I then started questioning all the products I was consuming and began following the zero waste movement led by my idols such as Bea Johnson from zerowastehome.”

It was with these small steps of interest that Anita began to develop her own daily zero waste personal regime.


Some handy things Anita carries with her to help reduce waste!

“I always have a zero waste kit with:

– reusable drink bottle

– sport

– cloth napkin

– KeepCup for tea

I also buy bulk foods where possible, using my reusable produce bags and I also buy as much as I can secondhand.”



The other thing I love about Anita’s Instagram is that she broadens the message of zero waste through creating hash tag communities and monthly movements such as #nospendtemper and #ActiveOctober she created herself!


A snapshot of Anita’s #activeoctober campaign


The zero waste movement also helps address clothing pollution, with always opting to buy secondhand clothing. tAnita is also an avid thrifter, always showing her beautiful outfits she has found and upcycled!


One of Anita’s beautiful secondhand outfits!

I buy everything secondhand. The only new clothing items I buy is underwear. Try thrift stores, markets and ebay! Not only is is better for the environment to use the resources already made, but it’s also better for the bank account!

One of my favorite pieces I have found is an Alexander Wang bag and Givenchy heels! They were both a little bit scuffed but with a little bit of TLC I brought them back to life.




A snapshot from Instagram of Anita’s up cycled outfit!


Anita also let us in on some insightful books she has read which helped her along her zero waste journey.

“My favorite books are:

– No Impact Man by Colin Beavan

– Zero Waste Home by Bea Johnson

– Cradle to Cradle by Michael Braggart”

Anita offered lastly some great tips and tricks we can do to become more sustainable in the way they live.

“Start small! I suggest just stop buying bottled water and stop buying coffee from disposable cups. It’s such an easy switch but if everyone did these two things, landfill will drastically reduce.

Remember, plastic can not be recycled like glass and aluminum can. It can only be downcycled to poorer quality plastic until it can’t be recycled anymore. It then sits in our landfill taking hundreds of years to decompose or even worse, sits in our oceans, polluting our seas.”



Please check out @rocket_science to see more tips and tricks to live a more eco-friendly life!