In a world filled with natural beauty, it’s hard not to find inspiration from what’s right outside your doorstep. That’s exactly how Jewellery designer, Renee Evans started her label Bowerbird.

Jewellery is weighted with heavy sentimental value, its easy to imagine beautiful, natural creatures holding this value with their untainted and unexplained beauty.

We chatted with Renee and found out more about how she created her label and how she grew her fascination with nature and jewellery as a young child.

I grew up along the beautiful west coast of Australia. From a young age, I created keepsakes and treasures for my loved ones and friends. I have always been drawn to jewellery, and how it stores precious memories in your life as it joins you on your journey.”

But with the production of jewellery, there are lots of ethical decisions to be made when creating with delicate and rare materials. Renee has built her label on ethical beginnings through fair trade hand craftsmanship.

Everything we make is designed in our studio, and hand crafted by a small producer in Thailand who is certified as a fair trade producer. Bowerbird jewellery is crafted to last with durable sterling silver, and store memories- we don’t believe in fast fashion.”

“Our mission is to produce our product in an ethical way that considers both the people that make our treasures and our planet.”

What I found most intriguing about Bowerbird was its strong feature of our bumbley insect friends, Bees.

I have such admiration for these tiny little super hero’s of our natural world. Bees have such an important role on our ecosystem. Without bees there would be no flowers, fruit,vegetables or coffee!”

You may not be aware but Bees have been added to the US endangered species list and Australia may not be far behind. We need to build a strong admiration and understanding of how to help our Bees and why they are so important to us.

Bees are considered the most important insects of our ecosystem and they are facing a number of issues, mostly man-made. We can help by rescuing bee colonies in urban developments, and rehoming them so they may continue to pollinate all the healthy food that we and other animals love to eat, rather than spraying them with insecticides.

You can also help by supporting your local beekeeper, by buying raw honey from them rather than purchasing imported honey.”

That’s why I’m so thrilled to work with Renee and Bowerbird on this editorial and further the message and appreciation for our bee friends.

Keep your eye out for more natural goodness from Bowerbird with more bee-utiful things to come. 

“We are excited for what the future holds for us at Bowerbird. We have some exciting collaborations with likeminded creative individuals and businesses (like Fashion Angle!) as well designing new a collection and hopefully expanding our Bowerbird team!”

I hope you enjoy our feature editorial and admire these delicate creations from Bowerbird as much as I did.

Also a big thank you to Bianca Lamont for her extremely talented photography skills on this collaboration.

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photographer: Bianca Lamont

Feature: Bowerbird

Model / Styling: Yours truly