Being generation y, we have endless opportunities at our feet. Millions of different avenues we can take, or even create our own profession through the growth of social media and content creation.

The only trouble is that it can be hard to pick just one career that interests you. So as myself and many others alike, choose to take bites out of different careers to find our true path. This is something Grace from Trend Tyrant shares with me.

Grace moved from Tasmania to Melbourne nine years ago to build herself a career in fashion.  From studying styling and creative direction at the Whitehouse Institute of Design, then venturing to New York to take a bite out of the big fashionable apple! On her return, Grace realised that fashion blogging was exactly what she was looking for, to use all of her skills she had learnt along the way.

Now working in digital media, I sat down with Grace to find out more about her journey to her career and fashion blogging.

R: What are your personal style attributes you try to achieve when dressing?

G: Simple, classic, modern

R: What do you think is the biggest fashion faux pas?

G: Not considering how cold it will be – I always dress to my mood so if it is cold it is hard to adapt my outfit around this.

R: Tell us a bit about your background, when you studied/what you enjoyed most about your studies?

G: My days at university seem like a lifetime ago now, in two words it was ‘full on’. 4 full days, basically like school. I learnt a lot about how to manage my time and how to communicate my ideas creatively. I learnt a lot about digital innovation and that essentially set me up for where I am today working in digital media.

R: What was the best skill you learnt from attending the Whitehouse Institute of Design?

G: Graphic design – Photoshop skills. 

R: What does your role involve in digital media?

G: Campaign planning, social media strategy, client management

R: Tell us about your experience moving to NYC? 

I travelled to America in 2014 with my friend Rose, we both did internships in NYC. It was really interesting living in the city and experiencing the life of a New Yorker. As I have watched Sex and the City all of my life it was extremely satisfying, my inner Carrie came out for sure.

R: What were the pros and cons of the move and what made you decide to come back to Australia?

G: It was never a long term move, it was always going to be a short trip, the purpose was to build up my experience in the fashion industry and my exposure to how agencies operate in the branding industry.

R: What has been the biggest struggles you have felt trying to find your path in the fashion industry?

G: Not knowing what I really wanted to do. Have a broad interest in design industry made it hard for me to find my feet in the right area – graphic design, styling, creative direction, brand management etc.

There are some many avenues that you can take, my issue was not knowing what area I liked the best. So I essentially had to try them all (to a degree). At one point I was juggling 3 internships, two at creative agencies, and one at a brand management agency.

R: What are some triumphs you have had personally and professionally in the fashion industry?

G: I don’t have just one big triumph that really defines my career, it is a combination of lots of little achievements that has got me to this point in time. Everything I have done to date has lead me to this point in my life, I would have never thought I would be applying the skills I learnt at uni to my own brand. At Whitehouse now there would be a huge focus on your personal brand throughout the entire course, for us it was just in the final year they put emphasis on this.  

I really push myself stay organised and positive in everything I do. I don’t think I would be here if I didn’t have motivation to produce beautiful content that allows me to express myself and my inner passions. 

R: What is something your blog will try to achieve differently to other blogs?

G: I want to avoid comparing Trend Tyrant to other blogs. In essence it is a window into my life and there really is only one Grace, I just want to let it evolve naturally over time. I started the blog so I had an outlet to be creative and express myself. I want people to visit the website and feel inspired and energised from the content on it.

R: What’s next for trend tyrant?

G: More shoots, more reviews, more of me. The possibilities are endless. I really don’t know where this journey will take me.

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