I have always found joy when I’m deep in a sifting mission through an op shop, you never know what unique and interesting items you will find. There is nothing more exhilarating then when you see a glimmer of fabric wink at you between the cracks of a full rack and you pull it out to find a gem! This tends to happen with a lot of my denim pieces.

Denim is always in style, so no matter what the piece looks like you will always be wearing it season to season. Shopping at your local op shop also helps to reduce the items going to landfill. Can you imagine if any of these pieces got lost in garbage?! That would be fashion cruelty for sure!

I have put together an editorial featuring my absolute gold mine of denim pieces I have found since I started op shopping as a teenager. White and denim is one of my best uniform styles and love having double denim on rotation. Here is your typical white wall sassy photo shoot, enjoy x

ralph lauren ralph lauren

This denim, over-sized shirt would have to be the most worn item in my wardrobe! I wear this piece all year round – with jeans, tied around my waist and even over bikinis in summer! Would you believe that this was from target, labelled a size 16? The best trick about op shopping is to not be discouraged by sizing, if its a little big – wear it over-sized; if its a little small – can you split something here or there to make it work? Get creative and try it out.

The off the shoulder top is a piece I picked up recently, I think I nearly fainted when I found this Ralph Lauren knitted top! Thank-you to who ever outgrew this, I will take good care of it! My denim shorts are long loved as well, I found these about 5 years ago and they are still on high rotation (amongst my 30 other denim shorts – slight obsession)

valentino denim valentino denim valentino denim

I don’t want to alarm you but did you know that you can find Valentino in op shops? Yes sir you can! My Valentino denim dress is such an astounding find. Recently I saw model Romee Strijde in a denim dress and couldn’t stop pining over it! A week later, the fashion gods prevailed and gave me this gift of denim goodness.


These denim shorts were found on one of my many trawls through ebay. There is such an influx of platforms you can find great second hand pieces on. These shorts fit me perfectly and are so unique with the buttons along the side. Paired with a white linen button up from Lifeline and you’re good to go.

op shop style

Even if I look a little bananas and pajamas’s, I still love this blue and white striped shirt dress. I have layered my denim skirt over top to use the length of this piece to full potential! This skirt has been with me since my teenage years, even if its getting a little tight, I still love to pair it with items like this to get maximum wear out of it.

Never doubt op shops, if like myself you are very underwhelmed with what you find at shopping centres, try your local op shop to find some unique pieces. All items included in this shoot are second hand apart from the denim flatform shoes, they were from Seed Heritage (but clearly had to have them, right?!)

Happy sifting xx