It seems fate played a part in a Sunday adventure by the sea…


Saturday afternoon, I arrived home after a long day working in retail. As I usually do, I drag myself back outside when I get home to take my pup, Fifi for a walk.

We walked our frequent trail around the neighbourhood, watching my step along the cobblestone streets. Thankfully looking down, I stumbled upon a shiny $50 note laying on the ground! Winning!

It may not seem like much, but for a uni student pooped after my six day week, this was a sparkly gold nugget!

Sunday morning I awoke with a spring in my step, powered by the solar energy peeping through my blinds. Although the forecast was predicting showers later for Melbourne, I thought I’d chase the sun down to Mornington Beach.


With my trusty $50 note; I filled the car up with fuel and snacks (even a schmacko for Fi) and off we went!

It was an hour drive from the inner city southern suburbs of Melbourne, but I was entertained by singing along to some of my greatest friends – Alanis Morissette, Prince and KISS on GOLD 104.5

As we entered the township of Mornington, I could start to catch a glimpse of the big blue in the horizon.

I’m home.

We found a nice place to rest up on the sand to read and eat a few treats. I was delighted to finally step into a grainy playground of sand and watch the waves roll in.

The clouds were quick to cross paths with the sun. I could feel each swift change on my cheeks as I listened to the echo of the waves kissing the sand.

We sat there for a while and then went  for a nice walk up to the dog beach. Fifi enjoyed blending in with the scenery and following secret paths along the cliff edge.

Nothing will ever beat a day spent with the sun on your cheeks and sand between your toes, curled up with a book and your best friend.

fiiiififiI’ve just started working with my DSLR camera for landscape images. Yes still amateur but gosh it feels nice to see this day again.