Its not every shopping trip that you come across a garment that is made with superior craftsmanship and detail. Generally, we see quite minimal skill in fast fashion clothing that is flooding our local shopping centres. But there is one fresh label who has made artistry a key principle behind their designs, Siyona.

The label launched in June 16 and has already put itself in first place for sophistication. When looking closer at each piece from the collection, you can see the dedication of the artisans unmasking themselves with each bead sewn in perfect precision. In just one garment, there is three or more different styles of beading or embroidery all put together to execute a magnificent treasure piece!

The most admirable part about Siyona is the process in which the collection is created. Traditionally designers sketch silhouettes and then choose fabrics; I soon found out that’s not the case with Siyona.

At a special styling evening for Siyona I sat down with the creative director Ravish Maganlal, to discover what makes this opening collection enchanting.

Where did your design journey begin before launching Siyona?

Ravish: I’ve been working in my families business for 20 years, which my Father Started in 1978. We have factories in India where we were supplying to Europe and South America.  

How do you decide to work with Indian Artisans rather than choosing other manufacturing methods to create your designs?

Ravish: It is something we have been evolving over the years. With the Indian artisans, its a craftsmanship that is brought down through generations; it’s not something you can go and learn.

The beauty is that each state of India has a different technique of embroidery, so we try and incorporate as many techniques as possible with the artisans to create our garments. 

What is the process from start to finish of developing your collection?

Ravish: The way we develop the collection is not like other companies do. We start with a swatch of fabric and then decide what we want to do with it.

Most designers start with a silhouette and then decide what embroidery to do. But because we have all of the facilities in house, we have that advantage of starting with a swatch and building it from there.

So essentially the process is we develop our own fabrics, and then cut each piece by hand and then each one is hand beaded before it goes into stitching. 

With each piece being hand made and producing high end couture garments, why do you think it is important to create investment pieces over a lower-priced range?

Ravish: The main reason is you have one end of the spectrum that of high end designer garments which are  good quality but very expensive which not everyone can afford and then there is mass production. There’s a gap in the middle, which definitely exists in Australia.

Siyona is something that you will love, it’s not something you would wear once and put away. Its something you want to treasure, wear on special occasion.  

What is some advice for any budding designers?

Ravish: Start from the bottom. When I went into work with my father for the first time he said, ‘We will start together, we will have lunch together and we will leave together. But at work you are not my son, that’s the packing department go and start packing those boxes.’ 

Until you’re actually hands on, you will be learning. If you expect it to be all glam to begin with, it’s not. 

What are the next goals for Siyona after the launch of its first collection?

Ravish: Continue production evolution, styling, detailing. Eventually we want to open our own flagship store in Melbourne and then build from it. 

Find more delicate designs at Siyona

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