You may be noticing a switch in the way brands and boutiques are creating their collections. The word ‘artisan collective’ is starting to grow of huge dominance in the fashion industry.

As many of you know, TOMS has always been a gracious label with their strong giving principle of  ‘ one for one – every shoe purchased, a pair is given to a child in need.’ From designers building foundations such as this, Artisan Collective’s have arisen.

Many labels are starting to work with developing communities to strengthen their economy and promote their craftsmanship. This not only helps support these communities but also discourages sweat shop environments that sadly still happen all over the world.

Here are some brands that that are making ethics a key principle within their designs by launching artisan collectives.

TOMS has launched their Haiti Artist Collective which works with Haitian communities who hand paint limited edition classics. Each shoe within this collection is unique in its own way, with beautiful individual prints.

MIMCO has established a partnership with the Ethical Fashion Artisans (EFA). Their latest collection works with skillful artisans from Kenya who are crafting pieces with amazing beading and sticking techniques for their From Hand to Heart collection.

SIYONA is an Australian label that draws on the expertise and training of traditional fabric artisans in India. Attention to detail from collective artisans helps to establish elements of authenticity within each design. 

YEVU is another Australian label that is working with artisans in Ghana, West Africa to craft its designs. YEVU’s main objective is to create jobs and income for the community of Ghana. The artisan soul of the label can be seen amidst the astounding technique of vibrant wax prints on cotton.

SOURCED AND SHARED is a store created by two African girls living in Australia who want to share their love of Afrian artisans with the world wide web. They source from independent South African artisans to build their collection of goodies on their online store. SOURCED AND SHARED is filled with homewares and accessories which bring a lively spirit into your life.

These labels and boutiques are a few of many who are making ethical chooses when establishing their brands. We can become so oblivious to the real dangers of the industry by lusting over fast fashion items.

Artisan Collective’s help to rejuvenate the fashion industry and embody honourable manufacturing principles for their brands.