Winter has officially arrived welcoming us with crisp, dewy mornings and frosty, cool nights. You start to shiver at the thought of even getting dressed in the morning as the temperatures drop to low single digits.

The easiest thing to help pull you through your styling woes will be a loyal investment jacket. Year after year winter becomes your guest, so why not invest in a coat that you can use for many more visits to come.

When looking for a coat to get you through the cooler months, its best to look for something that will be sustainable over the years. They may be slightly pricier, but your paying for quality rather then trends.

Here I have found the 5 winter coats to keep you as cozy as sipping hot coco!

Finders Keepers grey capeFinders Keepers grey cape

#1 – Finders Keepers Cape 

Cape’s work well when you have a few layers on and just need some extra coverage from the wind. They are adorable with tights and a boots, if you want to make it the feature of your outfit!

Bianca Buccheri Black Leather JacketBianca Buccheri Black Leather Jacket

#2 – Bianca Buccheri Leather Jacket

Leather jackets are apart of the ‘cool girls’ uniform! Opt for something with minimal detailing, that way it won’t clash with anything you pair it with.

Burberry Trench CoatBurberry Trench Coat

#3 – Burberry Trench Coat 

A Burberry trench is a signature item for a very good reason. Character, quality and luxury all wrapped in one! The instant you put it on you can feel the craftsmanship that went behind creating it. The gold hardware brings this trench to maximum opulence!

Pierre Balmain Denim JacketPierre Balmain Denim Jacket

#4 – Pierre Balmain Denim Jacket

A denim jacket will probably get the most wear out of all of your outerwear. Its great to style into your warmer months wardrobe as its quite light.  Plus who doesn’t love a double denim outfit?!

Vintage Fur JacketVintage Fur Jacket

#5 – Vintage Fur Jacket

Fur jackets are great to work into your winter wardrobe to bring some fun back into your styling. Over the cooler months we can get so rugged up that we forget what we look like naked! A fur helps to bring some fun and frivolous vibes back to your outfits.

Remember, in order to have a sustainable wardrobe each item has to be worn 30 times over. I guarantee with quality jackets like this in your wardrobe, you will be begging to have winter for more then 90 days.

Renee xxx